I welcome you to join me in protecting our freedom and ensuring opportunities for present and future generations!



Dear Friends & Neighbors,
As an elected official it is my duty to defend your rights, support the Constitutions of the United States and Montana, and work to make our government fair and functional. I do not aspire to be a "politician". I aspire to work WITH citizens -- as a Citizen Legislator -- to restore the blessings of honor, liberty, family values & prosperity that made America great.



I am firmly committed to keeping my Oath of Office "To support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Montana, and to discharge the duties of my office with fidelity, so help me God." -- Montana Constitution Article III, Section 3.



It's a big job and I welcome your involvement! Regardless of your political affiliation, feel FREE to contact me with your questions, suggestions, concerns, or to learn more about what's happening in your government and how you can make it better.



In Your Service,



Senator Jennifer Fielder


 serving Sanders & Mineral Counties, plus western-most Missoula and southwestern Flathead Counties (District Map)
                                                              Mailing Address: P.O. Box 2558, Thompson Falls, MT 59873

Jennifer’s decision to step forward to serve in the State Legislature in 2012 was rooted in prayer and a deep reverence for the principles of life, liberty, and property which made this nation great. Jennifer believes it’s not too late to get America back on the right track, but it will only happen if enough good people become informed and active in government processes.


A proven civic leader and successful small business owner, Jennifer truly cares about people and fully commits herself to doing the best job possible in every endeavor she undertakes.  It is her nature to be inclusive and work constructively, without prejudice. When she makes a commitment, she keeps it. Her professional experience includes extensive work in both the public and private sectors - providing her with valuable insights from both perspectives.



Jennifer is married to Paul, a retired wildlife biologist and active outdoors man. They live near Thompson Falls, MT where they enjoy living close to the land -- gardening, fire wooding, hunting, fishing, trapping, and managing their timber land for optimal forest health and wildlife habitat. 
Paul & Jennifer have have donated thousands of hours to community improvement & wildlife conservation projects. They love to boat, hike, and canoe. 
They have two grown children each with families of their own, and 5 beautiful grandchildren. They are all Christians.


CAREER: Plenty of blue collar and white collar experience...
    • 20 years - Small Business Owner: Consulting, Design, Construction Mgt, General Contractor - specializing in community enhancement, landscape development, recreation planning, and rural revitalization projects. Her company never left a bill unpaid, a job undone, or had a claim filed against it. (1992-2012)
    • 7 years - Parks & Public Works Administration: Roads, parks, natural resources, recreation, & public involvement programs. When Jennifer worked in public service, she knew who she worked for & why. So listening to, interacting with, and serving the public faithfully was instinctive. (1988-94)
    • 5 years - Professional Ski Instructor & Coach: As a Fully Certified Professional Ski Instructor of America, Level 1 Racing Coach, and Ski Instructor Trainer Jennifer has taught all levels and abilities of skiers including toddlers, handicap, youth, adults, celebrities, college level racers, and ski instructor trainees. (1985-90)





EDUCATION & ACADEMIC AWARDS: 5 years, 3 degrees, with honors…



      • BS Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude - Western State College of Colorado, Gunnison, CO 1990
      • AAS Associate in Arts & Sciences, 4.0 GPA - Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, WA 1988
      • AAS Associate in Applied Science, President’s Medal - Wenatchee Valley College, Wenatchee, WA 1987



POLITICAL LEADERSHIP: Elected by the people...



      • Montana State Senator - District 7, 2013-present
      • Montana National Committee Woman - Republican National Committee 2016-present
      • Vice Chair - MTGOP Montana Republican Party, 2013-2017
      • Thompson Falls Precint Committee Woman - Sanders County Republican Central Committee 2014-present
      • Sanders County State Committee Woman - Montana Republican State Central Committee 2017-present
      • President - Montana Legislative Women in Republican Leadership (WIRL), 2013-present
      • Chair - Legislative Council on River Governance, Council of State Government 2013-2014
      • Chair - State of Montana Environmental Quality Council SJ 15 Federal Land Study Working Group, 2013-2014
      • Student Senator - Wenatchee Valley College, 1986-88


VOLUNTEER SERVICE: A big heart for little communities…  Jennifer has served as a community leader on a variety of civic projects and currently donates half of her legislative salary to charitable causes. 


      • CEO - The American Lands Council, Dec 2015 - present
      • Chair - David Thompson Days Annual Historic Community Celebration, 2008-present
      • Sponsor - 'God & Country' Sanders County Veterans Tribute Patriotic Picnic, 2013-14
      • Project Leader - Thompson Falls Beautification Days, 2004-12
      • Chair - Fort Thompson Playground & Historical Park, 2010-2013
      • President - Sanders County Historical Society, 2011-2013
      • Vice President - Thompson Falls Community Development Association, 2011-present
      • Planning Committee - U.S. David Thompson Bicentennial Partnership - Indian Education Workshop, 2010-11
      • Children's Activities Leader - Huckleberry Festival, 2011-12
      • Laborer - Wildlife Habitat Restoration - Mule Deer Foundation, Central Washington Chapter, 1999-2002
      • Board Member - Take Pride in America, Conservation Education & Arbor Day Tree Distribution, NCW Chapter, 1990-1998